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Book Titles + Subtitles

Make an immediate impact—on readers, reviewers, potential partners, your industry, the media, distributors, and more—anyone who sees or even hears about your book. A great book title and subtitle get attention, deliver benefits, and transform your message into a highly recognizable brand.

Your book's subtitle is also a big part of your branding. But, for too many books, the subtitle is an afterthought, quickly thrown together to fill a slot before moving onto book cover design. We work as hard developing your subtitle as we do the title because your subtitle is not just some piece of front-cover formatting. It is a critical piece of real estate for marketing you and your book! As a bonus, subtitles include keywords to further boost your visibility in search engines.

Thinking about a book series? We create book series titles that build profitable brands.

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Back Cover Copy

Everyone who sees your book will do the same thing. Whether they see it online or in print, they'll flip it over or click to read the back cover text. This is where you either make the sale or end up back on the shelf—in a store or online. You’ve hooked them with your great title and subtitle, now give them a reason to BUY. You may have written a great book, but distilling all those chapters and all your expertise into the few words that will SELL your book is a whole different challenge. Your back cover copy helps:

__ Position you as the obvious expert in your field
__ Deliver targeted benefits to the reader

__Get the attention of major media
__ Get you booked as a speaker
__ Help you command higher consulting fees
__ Leverage your expertise into a lifelong stream of
     products and revenue

Your book back cover text is the foundation for your entire book marketing campaign. Those headlines, key positioning statements, bullet points, endorsements, high-credibility bio, and more are immediately ready for use as your website content, book sell sheet, media kit, speaker materials, catalogue copy—anywhere and everywhere you market and sell your book.

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E-Book Covers


"Part insane surf trip, part guerilla journalism, and part political travelogue ..." Here's a look at the book cover for an Apple app, turned ebook, turned hardcover book.

Ebooks and other digital formats are no longer a "maybe" for your book. Increasingly they are a way people expect to connect with your ideas. We chose the ebook sample here for another good reason. It shows how many forms your ideas and your "book" can take—one idea, lots of brand-building and selling platforms. It shows just how versatile and far-reaching your book cover marketing can be.

Even though this travel journal started out in a digital format, the packaging started out as a full front and back book cover with flaps.

Why? Because, whether your book is available in print and digital or digital only, the content deserves the credibility of complete book cover packaging. This author expert had us develop his complete book cover with flaps right at the start, so that the marketing message would be in place and consistent across all platforms. In fact, the book cover copy below highlights the features and benefits of each format within this brand.

You still need "back cover copy" for an ebook because your book's back cover is not a place; it is a marketing tool. It is still the most important piece of marketing copywriting for any book or ebook.

Take a look at the book cover with flaps, below. Every component of this book cover works for every platform on which this incredible travelogue is available.

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Manuscript Development + Ghostwriting

Whether you're looking for ghostwriting, full or partial manuscript development, light or deep editing, or just proofreading, we help you share your story and best ideas with your target market.

We agree with the many book publishing professionals who suggest that you create your book cover copy before or during the manuscript development process. Why? You're more likely to create a manuscript that meets your target market’s needs. When you define what they will get out of reading your book, you can then organize and write your book to fulfill that promise.

When we help you do both—develop your brand through both your manuscript and your book cover marketing—you get a strong, consistent message that reinforces key components of your brand in the book's content and its packaging. You reach into people's hearts and minds to create a loyal following and generate profitable leads for your business—the greatest benefit of becoming a published author expert.

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Book Cover Design

We can also handle your design and project coordination—from logo design to book cover design, book interior design, product packaging, printing and more. We work closely with a select handful of graphic designers who specialize in these areas. We oversee the process to create a seamless transition from our branding concepts, marketing strategies, and copywriting to translating that message into a powerful visual presence.

Whatever you are branding and promoting—yourself, your expertise, business, book, services, products, or all of the above—we work with some of the best in the business to create a team that can take you and your ideas to the top of your market. We are happy to take your project from concept to completion, or to collaborate with you at any step along your way. In addition to customizing the service and results you need, you also have a range of options and fees to suit your project and your budget.

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